Paid parking has been implemented at Dubai Mall: Here’s what you’ll be charged.

Take note, Dubai Mall fans…

In December 2023, an announcement was made that parking at the Dubai Mall would transition from being free to becoming a paid service. Emaar Malls, in collaboration with Salik, will introduce a barrier-free system managed by the toll operator.

Bottom of Form

Starting from July 1, the paid parking system is now operational at Dubai Mall

How will the barrier-free payment work?

The system will be automated, utilizing vehicle plate recognition to charge customers. Payments will be deducted directly from the customer’s Salik user account, mirroring the process at toll booths.

Ibrahim Sultan Al Haddad, CEO and board member of Salik Company PJSC, emphasized, “Salik is well-positioned to offer this seamless and convenient customer experience, with our solution removing the necessity for gates or barriers at Dubai Mall. This approach aims to reduce congestion and traffic for customers.”

According to a sign displayed by Salik at Dubai Mall, prices vary based on the duration of your visit.

Parking will be complimentary for the initial four hours on weekdays (Monday to Thursday) and for the first six hours on weekends (Friday to Sunday), including public holidays.

After four hours, here’s how much you will pay.

Weekdays (Monday to Thursday):

0 to 4 hours: free
4 to 5 hours: Dhs40
5 to 6 hours: Dhs60
6 to 7 hours: Dhs80
8 to 12 hours: Dhs100
12 to 24 hours: Dhs500
Over 24 hours: Dhs1,000


Weekends (Friday to Sunday):

0 to 6 hours: free
6 to 7 hours: Dhs80
7 to 8 hours: Dhs100
8 to 12 hours: Dhs200
12 to 24 hours: Dhs500
Over 24 hours: Dhs1,000

Parking fees will be applicable at the Grand parking, Cinema parking, and Fashion parking areas. Currently, parking at Zabeel and Fountain Views is not subject to charges.

Exceptions: Individuals with determination, public service providers (such as police, ambulance, emergency response vehicles, Civil Defense, etc.), and valet drop-offs are exempt from parking fees.

Save, Save, Save…

To save on your Salik expenses and visit Dubai Mall, you can opt to take the Dubai Metro.

To reach Dubai Mall via the Dubai Metro, alight at the Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall station on the Red Line and utilize the Metro Link Bridge connecting directly to the mall. The walk typically takes about 15-20 minutes, depending on your walking pace.

If walking isn’t preferred, an RTA feeder bus offers direct transport to the mall, providing frequent passenger drop-offs daily.

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