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    Can a foreigner buy property in Dubai?

    Foreigners can buy property in Dubai and are eligible to apply for a mortgage from both national and private banks. The criteria and terms for loans vary by bank, based on factors such as income and residency.

    Is it worth buying property in Dubai?

    Investing in Dubai is beneficial due to the absence of property taxes, a growing population, favorable visa policies, strong rental yields, and competitive property prices.

    Can you own 100% property in Dubai?

    Foreigners are allowed to own 100% of the property in designated “freehold” areas in Dubai, as per the government’s policy.

    Is it cheap to buy a house in Dubai?

    When compared to many other cities globally, Dubai offers relatively affordable real estate prices per square foot, making it an attractive location for personal property investments.

    Can I get residency in Dubai if I buy a house?

    Foreign investors can obtain a UAE residency visa for ten years by purchasing real estate worth at least AED 2,000,000 in the Freehold Zones, where foreigners are allowed to buy property.

    How long can you stay in Dubai if you own a property?

    As a property owner in Dubai, you can apply for a renewable 2-year residence visa, provided you maintain ownership and visit Dubai at least once every 180 days.


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