Properties for Sale in Arabian Ranches

Come home to a space where you and your family can grow, where you will live your happiest memories. This is your safe haven. Whether crave some me-time, or want to spend quality time with your little ones Emaar Arabian Ranches district gives you more room to do whatever you love

Area Guide

Emaar Arabian Ranches

Often referred simply as The Ranches, Arabian Ranches is one of the first suburban freehold communities of Dubai that made it a reality for expats to own villas & townhouses.

Considering its development, real estate features, and renting opportunities, this area is considered one of the most popular areas for renting and owning in Dubai.

Arabian Ranches is basically a part of Dubailand – a larger development owned and built by the Dubai Properties Group. The Ranches, however, is conceptualised by Emaar Properties, one of the most notable Dubai developers. This area is a great example of a simple environment that fully embraces Dubai’s suburban lifestyle concept.

District has an area of 6.6M sqm and is designed primarily for families – a purpose that seems to be effectively fulfilled with residents buying properties from all over the world.

Since the community is located amidst lush greenery, which creates a sense of separation from the bustling Dubai. The area features a finished landscape with BBQ areas, pools, and tennis courts scattered all over it.

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to Downtown Dubai

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Properties for Sale in Arabian Ranches

Economic Appeal

of Arabian Ranches

The Arabian Ranches neighborhood has over 4,000 homes, whose design styles were inspired by Arabian and Mediterranean architecture. The Ranches’ townhouses and villas vary in style and layout and have access to community facilities, maid rooms, and other features. Some of the larger houses even have their own private pools. The area consists of 15 sub-communities that differ by style, arrangement, features, and prices.

In terms of rental opportunities, Arabian Ranches offers a broad span of prices from 114,000 AED a year for 1BR villas to about 307,000 AED annually for 7BR villas.

Most of the rental estates are located in La Avenida, Mirador, and Palmera sub-communities. 3-bedroom villas cost about 145,000 AED a year, 4-bedroom villas cost around 203,000 AED a year, 5-bedroom villa rental is about 241,000 AED annually, and 6-bedroom villas are usually leased for 291,000 AED a year. These prices can range, depending on the surface area of a particular villa.

For example, 4-bedroom houses can cost from 150,000 AED all the way up to 300,000 AED a year. As it was already mentioned above, Arabian Ranches is one of the top communities in Dubai, so all of its sub-communities are equipped with top-quality amenities, including playgrounds, football pitches, parks, tennis courts, and many other things that make living in the area an undeniable pleasure.

For people that want to invest in property, the prices range a bit more drastically, comparing to rental prices, and no wonder, considering all of the features provide by Arabian Ranches.

There are a lot of houses that are fully furnished and ready for move-in. 2-bedroom villas are obviously the most budget-friendly option and are available at 1,564,000 AED. 3-bedroom villas’ prices range from 1.5 million AED to 3.5 million AED depending on the size, location, and other features, but they averagely cost about 2.2 million AED.

4-bedroom villas cost around 3 million AED, 5-bedroom houses come at about 4.6 million AED, 6-bedroom villas are averagely sold at 6.5 million AED, and 7BR houses averagely cost about some whopping 9 million AED. However, brand new houses without furniture and complete repairs can cost comparatively cheap – from 1.7M to 3.7M AED.

Speaking of ROI trends, the most profitable options are without a question 2BR houses and 3BR houses, providing a yearly ROI of 7.2% and 6.4%, respectively. 4BR villas generate a lower ROI of 6%. 5BR villas follow up with 5.3% of annual return. 6BR houses and 7-bedroom houses close the line with 4% and 3.5% ROI, respectively.


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