Best Cleaning Companies in Dubai

Business prevents us from maintaining our living space. Well, it doesn’t necessarily block us from doing it, it simply takes time from our otherwise busy schedules, time that we would rather spend relaxing.

So, wherever you are in Dubai, and whatever type of home you live in, it would be better if someone else was cleaning it while you relaxed. We talked to an expert on property management, Nimrah Rao from NR Luxury Properties on this topic.

Traits of a Reliable Business

You’re reading this now because you’re probably deciding who to entrust to clean your home. Get a reliable business to do it, reliable businesses usually have these things connected to their name:

  • Reviews online: Go to Google to find out about different companies. You even have ratings on Google Maps as part of the profile of a company. These are ratings from customers, but be careful they might not all be real.
  • Heard from a friend: Word of mouth happens to be the best recommendation when you are not sure about something. When you hear from a friend that someone cleaned their house and there’s not a spot of dirt anywhere, you’re likely to use the same service.
  • Credentials: All companies dealing in anything should be licensed by the appropriate authority. But, with cleaning companies, it’s especially important. You’re letting strangers into your home, make sure they’re trustworthy.
  • Offer of cleaning services: If they have everything ranging from regular residential cleaning to specialized cleaning, they might not be good. A great restaurant won’t have all the food on the menu.
  • Pricing transparency: Transparency is always important, especially when you’re spending money on services. Available pricing on the website of a cleaning company is a green flag.
  • Experience: Don’t look at what it says on their website, because it’s usually a phrase like ‘with over 100+ years of combined experience’. Do some research and check out their staff’s experience.
  • Cleaning green: Cleaning services that are not harmful to the environment are not harmful to you. Think about that when choosing a company to hire.
  • Customer care: A great company will care for you in the sense that they’ll prepare an entire plan and frequency for your cleaning. You’ll get support when you have queries and they’ll try to adjust their styles to your needs.
  • Flexibility: Cleaning services that stick to a strict schedule are ones that focus more on their side of the job and aren’t very customer-centric. A good company will be flexible when scheduling the cleaning so it doesn’t interfere with your lifestyle.
  • Guarantee of satisfaction: The best of the best cleaning companies will provide a trial period, but they also guarantee satisfaction. So, you don’t have to opt for a cleaning company immediately, you can try a few and then choose from the best.


Alo Maids provides two types of services, home cleaning and commercial cleaning. They also have a division called Alo Technical where they offer essential handy services for the home. But, it’s the best cleaning service in Dubai because they’re eco-friendly and they use modern technology.

As far as commercial cleaning goes, the company cleans offices and warehouses, clinics and hospitals, schools and colleges, theaters, cinemas, restaurants, and hotels, and they do move-in and move-out cleaning.

Alo Maids offers home cleaning services like bathroom, bedroom, house, kitchen, and lawn cleaning. They have three types of rates, the one for general cleaning which is AED 25 – AED 45 an hour depending on where you’re located.

With a smart cleaning kit they offer, you would pay AED 170 more, and you’d pay AED 35 more for cleaning products if the cleaning lasts up to six hours. There’s deep cleaning at the same rate as regular cleaning, but the smart cleaning kit for this is AED 265.

Dubai Housekeeping

4 things set Dubai Housekeeping apart from the other cleaning services. They have a mobile application, and the same maid does the weekly maintenance. But, there are also ironing and decluttering services.

Another amazing thing about this cleaning services provider is that they train their maids in your home so they can provide the most efficient home cleaning. If you have kids at home, they provide babysitting as well.

Dubai Housekeeping is incredibly versatile in its services, they even provide a cleaning service for villas, and they get rid of mold. They have great offers, they range from once to three times a week for your apartment or villa.

The best thing about their services is that they have a calculated duration and estimated cost based on the approximate room number. So, if it’s a studio, you’ll have 2 hours of cleaning, and you’ll pay AED 570 for eco supplies, but for a 4-bedroom apartment, it’s 6 hours and AED 1296.

Of course, the number of times a week you want to have house cleaning services will adjust the price a little.

cleaning-DubaiElite Maids Cleaning Services

The three things that set Elite Maids apart from other cleaning services in Dubai are that they provide same-day booking possibilities, disinfection services, and they have staff that has official insurance provided by the company.

Elite Maids have three fundamental types of cleaning available. There’s house cleaning, commercial cleaning, and furniture cleaning. You can book them online, and you can book nannies on their site for babysitting. Here are their special services:

  • After-party cleaning: It’s one of the best offers any cleaning services provider might have, cleaning after a party. When you’re partying, it’s amazing, but when you wake up in the morning and have to clean it, it’s not so good. That’s where Elite Maids come in.
  • After-construction cleaning: When renovations are happening, or they’ve just happened, this is the perfect company to hire to clean everything while it’s still fresh.
  • Retail shops cleaning: They claim that they’ve been providing cleaning services for every distinguished mall in Dubai. They indeed have one of the highest cleaning standards.


Fourth place goes to Eco Maid because they offer one-off and recurring cleaning services. You can make adjustments to their cleaning schedule to fit your needs. They use non-toxic cleaning products.

One of the main disadvantages is that they don’t answer support queries promptly. But, apart from that, they seem like a balanced legitimate cleaning company. Their distinguished services include:

  • Facade cleaning: The company offers thorough cleaning of the glass facade for your business. It doesn’t matter which material the facade is, they’ll clean it and make your shop more appealing.
  • Floor cleaning: They dust the floor, mop it, vacuum it, and they wipe the surfaces. Again they’re very careful when using different products to clean the floors, and they’re eco-friendly.
  • Deep cleaning: They are all for deep cleaning because they value the importance of enhancing the quality of living in your home. It improves the air quality, eliminates germs, and extends the lifespan of the items in your home.

Helpsters Cleaning Services Dubai

We had to talk this one through because they have one of the best cleaning services in Dubai, and maybe it should’ve been closer to the top of the list, but they have one major disadvantage, they tend to change the schedules out of the blue.

However, they offer weekly or monthly recurring cleaning services. Even though they change the schedule unexpectedly, they also want to come through and adjust the schedule for you. You can book on the same day, you have access to their customer support non-stop, and their staff is top-notch. Their distinct services include:

  • Nursery cleaning: They’re the most trusted nursery cleaning service in Dubai because they use eco-friendly products to prevent any damage to the surfaces where our little ones spend their time.
  • Sports cleaning services: The company cleans facilities before and after a sports event takes place. They remove the waste and recycle. Plus, they clean the seats of the audience.
  • Jewelry shop cleaning: There’s a lot of foot traffic in a jewelry shop, and it needs to be clean, plus there are a lot of sparkling things that should be sparkling all the time to showcase to your customers that you run a serious business.

Dubai Clean

They’re a cleaning company in Dubai, and they are on this list because they provide great staff, but they also have specific areas in which they operate. Here are their distinct services:

  • AC coil cleaning: They truly are distinct when it comes to this service. Cleaning the coil of ACs is not that easy, so they have hired professionals for it. The technicians also try to optimize cooling efficiency.
  • Water tank cleaning: Now this is a service some might find quite interesting. The company cleans water tanks, and they clean all types of water tanks, from underground tanks to concrete tanks.
  • Power wash cleaning: Pressure cleaning for fences, walls, garages, etc. Not many companies offer this type of cleaning, and they’re not that expensive.

Spring Cleaning

It’s a maid service that offers reliable maids for cleaning, and one distinction from the other companies is that it’s British-owned and managed. It offers babysitting, and it even has a sister company for moving people.

Their prices are not high, the deep cleaning hourly rate starts at AED 350, and their other cleaning services are not that expensive, sofa cleaning starts at AED 50 per seat, a part-time maid costs AED 35 an hour, and carpet cleaning costs AED 15 per meter. All in all, a good company.


Justlife is not only about home cleaning, it’s an app that provides many home services. They say that there are many reasons to love Justlife on their website, but when you book something with them, you get to experience those reasons.

They have amazing professionals, they offer same-day availability, and it’s so easy to book something over their app. Their services include:

  • Home cleaning: Depending on your home size, they will send an appropriate number of professionals to make sure it’s cleaned thoroughly.
  • Furniture cleaning: You can choose from different packages depending on the furniture you want to clean. It includes curtains and carpets as well.
  • Disinfection: Imagine having the possibility to get your home both cleaned and disinfected at the same time.
  • AC cleaning: Another great reason to use Justlife, cleaning ACs should happen once yearly because air conditioning affects the air quality in your living space.
  • Spa: You can enjoy a spa while someone is cleaning your home, it’s just an amazing all-inclusive experience of cleaning.
  • Pest control: You don’t want pests in your home, so why not schedule pest control when you’re already having maintenance done in your home?
  • PCR at home: This is why they made the list, they offer the possibility to do PCR tests at home. Another great thing is that you can do other lab tests with Justlife at home.

Urban Company

As another one of the best home services companies, they don’t only operate in Dubai. They boast 5 million customers globally, and yet they have a 4.8-star service rating. This is an amazing piece of data.

Their services include part-time cleaners and monthly cleaning subscriptions. You can also contact them when you need home repairs and AC cleaning. Their deep cleaning and pest control services are a great package if you want to clean it up.

You can have a massage at home with Urban Company, and you can even have a salon come to your doorstep. For women, they do both nails and hair as a salon home service. So, the company is quite the package.

Cleaning Company

The main thing that sets the Cleaning Company apart from other companies in Dubai that offer cleaning services is the fact that it’s available 7 days a week. They’re also available everywhere in Dubai, and their booking system works 24 hours a day.

Cleaning Company has same-day service availability, and reliability that you’ll have weekly and monthly cleaning with the same maid. The staff is trusted and trained well, and after they finish cleaning your home, you can review their service or add remarks to improve the next time.

Red Flags to Watch Out For

Like with any other company out there, we always need to look out for potential warnings about how the company is working. There are red flags we should watch out for when looking for a cleaning services provider in Dubai:

  • No license: It’s a huge red flag when the company you’re looking to get services from has no license or certification. That means that it can’t legally operate in Dubai. So, avoid it.
  • Terrible reviews: When there are poor reviews on Google or other review-based websites, you can still give a chance to the company if everything is okay with the communication. But, it is a red flag.
  • Unprofessional communication: This is always a red flag because if they don’t know how to communicate, they should not be running a business.
  • No insurance: If their staff doesn’t have insurance, it’s a red flag, so ask about insurance to see if the company is legit.
  • Hidden fees: Don’t let yourself get tricked into paying more ad hoc. A cleaning company needs to be transparent if they’re to provide services in Dubai.
  • No physical address: No address, no collaboration. This is the first signal that there’s something wrong. Also, no reviews on Google can be a red flag.


Dubai is a hub for great companies but that doesn’t mean that all of them are. One of these cleaning service providers is one that you should choose. Avoid the red flags and check them out yourself. Don’t just pick a name from the list and book, do your homework.

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