Top-10 Real Estate Developers in Dubai

The Dubai real estate market is only growing and increasing its value. The competitive prices testify to its growth, as does the 125-million dollar custom-designed villa auctioned in January. But more things bring out that uniqueness in Dubai real estate.

It’s not only about the location and the luxurious residences in Dubai, it’s also about sustainable urban development. According to NR Luxury Property and Nimrah Rao the owner, Dubai is the future of living.

Real Estate Law in Dubai

Three important laws apply to real estate in Dubai, the law that specifies the regulations on property ownership, the law that protects both tenants and landlords, and the law that provides more inclusiveness for other laws in property ownership.

Dubai Real Estate Law No. 7

Law number 7 of 2006 Concerning Land Registration in Dubai constitutes a legal framework for registering land and property ownership in Dubai. This law specifies the procedures, requirements, and rights related to land registrations.

It ensures transparency and security in property transactions. It’s important because of the scope it provides for the documentation and all the other necessary procedures for attaining property rights.

Dubai Rental Property Law

The Dubai rental law is a law that helps maintain the balance between property landlords and tenants. There’s a set of obligations and rights for both tenants and property owners according to Dubai tenancy law:

  • Failing to pay rent: Failure to pay rent for 30 days or more might result in the landlord issuing a 30-day notice to vacate the property to the tenant.
  • Personal use of property: When the owner of the property, i.e. the landlord wants to use it, they have to notify the tenant at least 12 months in advance to legally terminate the contract.
  • Property sale: It’s more or less the same as personal use of the property, because the landlord has to provide a 12-month notice to legally terminate the contract.
  • Contract breach: If any part of the contract is breached by the tenant, any terms and conditions, the landlord can provide a 30-day notice to the tenant to correct the breach. If they fail to do so, the property owner can terminate the contract.

Residence Visa in Dubai

To open up more to foreigners, Dubai launched a long-term residency and golden visa scheme in 2019. The thing is that anyone can apply for at least a 3-year visa as long as they’re an investor. So, if you’re looking for off-plan properties, take a look at NR Luxury Property.

3-Year Dubai Property Visa

There’s a 3-year tenure that can be renewed before expiring, and the DLD (Dubai Land Department) specified that the minimum value of the real estate for this kind of visa needs to be 750.000 AED or approximately 204.000 USD

5-Year Dubai Property Visa

For the 5-year tenure visa, investors need to provide at least 5 million AED in real estate. All the real estate needs to be mortgage-free, and the investor can split the value across properties. It’s a residence visa, so investors holding it won’t be able to work in Dubai.

10-Year Dubai Property Visa

If an investor invests at least 10 million AED in Dubai, they can acquire a 10-year tenure visa. The thing is that only approximately 4 million AED can be invested in real estate, and the catch is that it can be split across three properties, not more.

Emaar Properties

This is the name anyone comes across when looking for top real estate companies in Dubai. It’s not a surprise as Emaar Properties is the master developer of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, and holder of the Middle East Leading Tourist Attraction in 2017.

Emaar Properties

The latest valuation of the net worth of the company is approximately $16.8 billion, and they’ve built over 11.500 residential units with more under development not only in Dubai but across several other states and countries.

Emaar Properties Services

Apart from Emaar being one of the best real estate companies in Dubai, and a top real estate developer that deals with the development of commercial, residential, and other mixed types of properties, it also provides services in:

  • Property management: The properties developed by Emaar usually receive property management services from them as well. It means they are handled with the care, maintenance, and security they deserve.
  • Hospitality: When you think of luxury accommodations and luxurious hotels, resorts, and residences, Emaar operates several to provide the most accommodating experience to its guests and residents.
  • Retail development: The company also develops shopping malls, retail centers, and other retail destinations so that they can increase the happiness of the residents in their developments.
  • Entertainment: With the same aim as the previous one, Emaar develops theme parks, water parks, and other entertaining destinations. It’s all just aimed at providing the best possible lifestyle to the residents of their developments.
  • Community development: Sustainability is key in the communities they develop because they offer completeness in the sense of having everything available for a comfortable life, such as recreational facilities, schools, healthcare centers, etc.
  • Investment and financing: If you’re an investor, you can also look up any investment opportunities they might have for their development projects. If you’re a buyer, they offer financing options through their partnerships with different financial institutions.

Emaar Properties Delivered Projects

The real estate company has delivered many projects in the previous two decades. Outlined are just some of the most notable projects they delivered in 2023 with their starting valuations, and approximate number of units:

  • Act One | Act Two Towers: These towers have 394 units and their starting price was valued at 1.650.000 AED, approximately $500.000. It’s in the Opera District in Dubai, and it was delivered in March.
  • Grand Bleu Tower: It was finished in June and has 155 units. It’s in the Emaar Beachfront community. The starting price per unit was valued at 2.250.000 AED, approximately $612.000. There’s access to a private beach and other facilities.
  • Il Primo: It has 119 units, and the estimated starting price per unit was 18.000.000 AED, approximately $4.900.000. The project was completed in September, it’s located in the Opera District and provides access to infinity pools, a gym, a library, and a lounge.
  • Beach Isle Emaar Beachfront: An exclusive isle with luxurious apartments on Palm Jumeirah. It contains 1-4 bedroom apartments, and the starting price per unit was valued at 2.400.000 AED approximately $600.000.


DAMAC is an integral part of the DAMAC Group which has been marking its presence in the Middle East’s real estate market since 1982. They have delivered 46.000 units, and there are a ton more to come from DAMAC.

DAMAC GroupAccording to Forbes Middle East, DAMAC Group made it to 16th place in the top 100 Arab family businesses in 2023. The net worth is estimated at $4.5 billion according to an estimation in July 2023.

DAMAC Group Services

The group offers the same services that Emaar Properties offers, including property management, real estate development, retail development, investment and financing, community development, etc.

DAMAC Group Projects

The DAMAC Group family-owned business boasts projects that are worth a lot and they win awards. Another great treat of this real estate company listed as one of the top companies is that they have branded developments:

  • AKOYA by DAMAC: It’s a 42-million-square-foot golf community named the best golf development in the world. The starting price for properties is 999.999 AED approximately $270.000.
  • Altitude De Grisogono: A waterfront complex in the Business Bay in Dubai providing residents a view of the canal and the tallest building in the world. The starting price of a unit is 1.180.000 AED, i.e. $320000.
  • Canal Crown: The starting price of a unit is now 1.120.000 AED, i.e. $300.000. It’s also nested in Business Bay. The two towers contain luxurious apartments, and the super-luxury units come with a swimming pool on the terrace.
  • Damac Bay by Cavalli: The starting price for a unit here in Dubai Harbour for a seafront apartment is 3.882.000 AED at the moment, i.e. around $1.050.000. Three towers in touch with the sky and the sea on an island.

Azizi Developments

It’s a real estate development company in Dubai founded in 2007, and the company owns 200 projects with 11.000 units delivered to international and local investors. Azizi Developments landed the Best Community Developer award in 2024.

Azizi DevelopmentsTheir latest project is Creek Views II. It’s in the Healthcare City in Dubai, and it has 587 units with swimming pools, steam rooms, saunas, and other commodities for a very well-rounded luxurious lifestyle.

Azizi Developments Services

Azizi also deals with services like most real estate companies in Dubai, but what sets it apart from the rest is project management, marketing, and sublime customer support. Sustainability is their primary concern.

Azizi Developments Projects

Here’s a quick overview of the four projects that are worth mentioning from Azizi Developments in this kind of article:

  • Royal Bay: The starting price per unit is $335.000. It’s a project that gives you a view of the Arabian Sea.
  • Creek Views I: If you’ve heard of Healthcare City, the Creek Views development gives its residents a view of that part of Dubai.
  • Star: It’s a building in new Dubai. There are a lot of amenities, but the key detail is that it has 458 units. It’s also close to the airport. The starting price was $160.000.
  • Riviera: 69 buildings containing 13.000 units, two hotels, and a retail district. A very large project, where the unit starting price was 800.000 AED or $217.000.

Dubai Properties

The company participated in the development of Jumeirah Beach Residences. It’s said that this is the largest single-phase residential project in the world. This company was founded in 2002 which means it’s been operating for 22 years.

Dubai Properties Services

If you want a valuation on the return of investment on the property you invest in and you want it optimized, then Dubai Properties has you covered. They also try to increase the value of the property you decide to buy so that you get a profitable resale.

Dubai PropertiesDubai Properties Projects

There are still 7 projects that haven’t completely sold out. You can buy off-plan real estate, and there are 16 projects they’ve finished on time:

  • 1/JBR: Who wouldn’t like to live on the beachfront? This is Jumeirah Beach Residence. It’s 43 stories tall on the beach. The prices start at $2.450.000. 
  • Executive Towers: They’re in Dubai’s Business Bay. There are 1.799 apartments in the Executive Towers.
  • Marina Promenade: The promenade in the Dubai Marina is a residential complex on the waterfront that has 6 towers. There are several types of units available.
  • The Villa: It offers villas and townhouses depending on luxury and space. There are parks, playgrounds, and other amenities that offer a balanced lifestyle. The starting price was also valued at AED 1.5 million ($408.000).

Meraas Dubai

The world’s largest Ferris wheel that stopped turning, Ain Dubai was part of the development project by Meraas, the Bluewaters Island. The company was founded in 2007, and it’s a part of Dubai Holding now.

Meraas DubaiMeraas Services

Unlike the rest of the real estate companies we mentioned, Meraas conducts its business in urban regeneration, trying to provide a balanced lifestyle to the residents, and fine dining and entertainment.

Meraas Projects

Apart from Bluewaters Island which was a commendable feat, we’ve outlined 4 projects from Meraas worth mentioning:

  • Erin in Central Park: This is a development project at City Walk that contains up to 4-bedroom apartments, and their starting price is AED 1.59 million.
  • Fern in Central Park: It’s another development at City Walk in Dubai, and apart from the 1-4-bedroom apartments, it also offers penthouses that are quite luxurious, but they focus on the greenery so that residents don’t lose touch with nature.
  • The Acres: It’s a new community development project with 3-5-bedroom villas and starting prices from AED 5.09 million. Again, there’s a key focus on the natural surroundings.
  • Les Soleil: It’s on the Port de La Mer island retreat, the final development project for the island, and it’s going to contain up to 4-bedroom apartments. By opting for a property here, you opt for the entire isle experience.

Sobha Realty

They unveiled their ‘S’ luxury tower in Dubai in 2023. The ‘S’ tower contains 84 units, which we’ll discuss a little later. It’s an international company, and they have a lot of employees, their count is in the thousands.

Sobha RealtyWhen you go to their website and try to look for real estate you can buy, there are a few things left. This testifies to their quality. So, hurry up if you’re looking for something from this real estate company.

Sobha Realty Services

They pride themselves on philanthropic services, well not so much services but philanthropy in general. Their philanthropic activities mainly happen in India, and there are a ton of initiatives that are taking place at this moment from this philanthropist real estate company.

Sobha Realty Projects

There are more than 130 million square feet of projects completed by Sobha Realty. Here are the four projects of Sobha Realty we believe should be mentioned:

  • ‘S’ Luxury Tower: This luxury tower contains 84 units. Only two units are penthouses, the rest are 4-bedroom apartments. The starting price per unit is AED 15.89 million, approximately USD 4.33 million. It’s located on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.
  • Sobha Reserve: It’s a villa project in a green area, a community development that seems promising. Each villa is at least 4.900 square feet. It’s located in the Wadi Al Safa 2 area.
  • Sobha One Golf Ridges: This is a development project with villas that have views over a golf course. There are 54 villas, and it’s located at Ras Al Khor. There are 4-5-bedroom apartments, and the starting price is AED 6.7 million.
  • Sobha Estates: In Sobha Hartland II, at the MBR City in Dubai, it’s as luxurious as it can get based on the fact that it’s a gated community of villas. If you’re interested take a look, but the starting price is $6.18 million.

Ellington Properties Dubai

They’ve won several awards for their projects. They promise quality developments and they usually exceed expectations when it comes to that. They were founded in 2014 by Joseph Thomas and Nitin Bhatnagar.

Ellington Properties DubaiEllington Services

They’re known for their particular service of developing boutique apartments, but they also have their signature apartment development. It’s difficult to put a signature on the market and expect to have success.

Ellington Projects

They have 8 active development projects, and some of them offer off-plan real estate you can purchase. Here are 4 projects that we think might be interesting:

  • The Crestmark: It’s located in Dubai’s Business Bay, and it’s a residential project with boutique luxurious apartments starting from AED 2.5 million.
  • One River Point: It’s a building that has 50 floors and 450 units. It is also located at Business Bay, and it gives residents amazing views especially if you’re on one of the top floors.
  • Ocean House: This project is set to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2025. It’s going to be located on Palm Jumeirah Island. There are going to be 2-6-bedroom apartments, duplexes, and penthouses.
  • Ellington Views I: This is a residential development, and there are 1-3-bedroom apartments available. It’s amazing because it’s surrounded by the ocean and nature in Ras Al Khaimah.

Nakheel Dubai

This particular real estate company is different from the rest based on its background. Nakheel was founded in 2001, and it is owned by the government of Dubai. They’ve developed many projects that are famous around the world.

Nakheel DubaiThey’re committed to sustainability and community development, and they’re focused on reducing the environmental impact of development. Nakheel unveiled their plan for Dubai Islands projects in 2022, another mega project of theirs.

Nakheel Services

As a government-owned real estate company, there’s not much to say about their services, apart from the fact that they’re a real estate development company. They develop master plans for large-scale projects.

Nakheel Projects

It’s easy to discuss Nakheel because they have developed so many world-famous things. The four most notable projects from the Dubai government, i.e. Nakheel Properties are:

  • Jumeirah Islands: This is a perfect project that helps you find your place on the lakeside. We could call all these projects by Nakheel an attempt at terraforming, but it’s amazing what kind of design and construction they’ve managed to achieve so far.
  • The World: It’s an island developed by Nakheel that mimics the map of the world and its continents. A property owner can find a spot on an island of their choosing, but the prices are not for everybody.
  • The Palm Tower: Located on Palm Jumeirah, this is a 52-story tower, and it contains 432 apartments. There’s an amazing view from the top floors, and there’s a sky pool lounge. There are other amenities Nakheel usually includes in large projects.
  • Greenwood: This is a new launch from Nakheel, it’s about 395 hectares. They plan to make it a green oasis where there are going to be a lot of parks, picnic areas, playgrounds, and greenery. It’s going to be located near International City.

Select Group

When it comes to a unique background, the Select Group real estate development and investment company was founded by Rahail Aslam, a British entrepreneur. Their main focus is on luxurious investments and developments.

Select GroupSelect Group Services

Every company claims they’re the leading developer in Dubai, but this company also works with investments. They’ve invested in fitness, wellness, technology, and other things.

Select Group Projects

They’ve been developing real estate since 2002, and they have a ton of square footage, but they didn’t only develop in Dubai, they also have some projects developed in the UK. However, here are four projects we think might be interesting:

    • Peninsula Four – The Plaza: It’s a two-tower project, and each of them is 52 stories tall, with units ranging from studios to 4-bedroom apartments. But, there’s also the lofts, which are 4-bedroom duplexes.
  • Nautica: It’s an off-plan real estate project in Dubai, in the Maritime City. There are 1-2-bedroom units. The reservation fee for these units is AED 50K.
  • Residence 110: This is a ready-built project in Business Bay, Dubai, and there’s a possibility to purchase 1-3-bedroom units. The starting price is AED 1.8 million.
  • Jumeirah Living Business Bay: It’s a 2-5-bedroom unit project available as an off-plan project in Business Bay Dubai. It should be finished in 2025, and there are three unit types, premium apartments, simplex & duplex, and full-floor master penthouses.


We’ve mentioned Business Bay a few times in the article. Well, the OMNIYAT acquired the Business Bay Marina in Dubai. Like all the previous real estate companies, this one also deals in off-plan projects.

OMNIYAT DubaiThey have more than 20 years of real estate experience. They follow the trends, and they have numerous projects on their plate.

Omniyat Services

With real estate development being their primary form of operation, Omniyat spans into iconic landmark development and focuses on strengthening brand collaborations and strategic partnerships.

Omniyat Projects

Here are the four notable projects completed by Omniyat:

  • The Opus: It’s a mixed-use development in Business Bay. It’s in the center of Business Bay, and there are 96 units. The starting prices at the moment are AED 5.124.299 or $1.395.000, but they are prone to change.
  • One Palm: You can guess where it’s located. That’s right, it’s a residential tower on Palm Jumeirah. It offers panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf. The prices are kind of expensive here.
  • The Sterling: These residences have 349 apartments. They are 21 floors high, and they are located in Downtown Dubai. Quite a luxurious setting actually and very expensive.
  • Langham Place: It’s a 5-star hotel complex. Several buildings comprise this complex, and they’re located in Business Bay.


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