Dubai named world’s best city for family vacations in 2022

Dubai has been ranked the best destination for family vacations in 2022, according to travel insurance comparison site InsureMyTrip.

The survey covers the quality of family hotels, quality of nearby beaches, quantity of family attractions, sea temperature, lowest wavelength, weakest ocean current strength and area safety.

The Emirate received high scores in five out of seven categories, including area safety (10), quality of family attractions (10), weak ocean current (9.75) and sea temperature (7.7).

“Dubai is fast becoming a family-friendly wonderland, offering access to a variety of theme parks. It’s deemed one of the safest cities in the world and is becoming a more affordable destination for families, offering all-inclusive resorts with an array of activities,” InsureMyTrip said in the report.

The Emirate was also recently voted the “Best Global Destination” in TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards 2022 for its innovative strategy to stay open during the pandemic in a safe and accessible manner.

The “Blue Flag Scheme” also recognised Dubai as a popular family hotspot for its most pristine beaches in the world, excellent water quality and clean and sandy shores.

“As Covid-19 restrictions begin to relax and more families decide to vacation again, it is especially important they feel safe,” said Sarah Webber, director of marketing at InsureMyTrip.

Of the 62 cities analysed in the survey by the comparison site, Dubai scored 7.42 out of 10 followed by Colombo (6.71), Turks & Caicos (6.48), Barbados (6.37) and Corfu (6.27). Other cities that made the top 10 list include Phuket, Auckland, Rio de Janeiro and Havana.

While Miami, USA (3.54 score) is ranked the least suitable destination for family vacations. It received the lowest score for weak ocean current (0), along with the quality of family hotels (0.69), quality of family attractions (1.36), area safety (4.04) and low wave height (4.91).

The crime rate in Miami is considerably higher than the national average, with the chances of becoming a victim being 1 in 28. The city is also the number one city in America most vulnerable to hurricanes, with 40 per cent of the hurricanes that occur in the US hitting Florida.

Following closely is Cancun, Mexico (3.77) rated the second-least favourable destination for family vacations. It didn’t fare well for the quality of family attractions (0.16), weak ocean current (1.65), quality of family hotels (2.52) area safety (3.87) and low wave height (4.03).

Gijon in Spain (3.9), Shirahma in Japan (3.92) and Sydney (4.03) complete the top five least-suitable destinations for family vacations.

News Source: Khaleej Times


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