Best Options for Travelling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi: Bus, Car, Taxi & More

Looking to travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi? We’ve got you covered. In this guide, you’ll find the best ways to make the trip, including bus services, taxi, and rental cars for your United Arab Emirates trip.

You will also learn about the cost, travel time, and convenience of each option. This way, you can choose the best fit for your journey from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

Key Takeaways

  • Various travel options are available from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, including taxi, bus, car rentals, and luxury transport modes like helicopters and private transfers.
  • The journey between the two cities spans approximately 140 km and typically takes between 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the transport type you have chosen for your one way trip.
  • Future projects like the Etihad Rail and Hyperloop promise to revolutionise travel, offering faster and more connected transportation services from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and backward.

Introduction to Abu Dhabi to Dubai journey

Envision vibrant souks, towering minarets, and the serene Persian Gulf as you contemplate the modes of transport at your disposal. From the hustle and bustle of Al Ghubaiba Bus Station, where you can catch a Dubai bus, to the quiet comfort of a chauffeured car, Dubai to Abu Dhabi offers a transportation palette as diverse as the emirates themselves.

Additionally, Mussafah Shabiya Bus Station serves as another option for travellers in the region. This journey isn’t just about getting from point A to B, but about choosing your adventure on the sands of time.

Distance and Travel Time from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Illustration of the distance signboard from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

The span that separates two emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, is more than just a stretch of tarmac; it’s a 140 km ribbon of opportunity that links two of the most dynamic cities in the world.

Whether you’re taking off from Dubai International Airport or cruising from the heart of the city, the trip to reach the capital city of Abu Dhabi can take as much as an hour and a half or approximately two hours, depending on your chosen chariot. The road is well-travelled, but the experience is yours to define.

Dubai to Abu Dhabi Taxi Services

When time is of the essence, and convenience is paramount, the ubiquitous taxi emerges as a favoured choice since the cities are a driving distance away. With a fleet of well-maintained vehicles ready to whisk you away, the city taxi services bridge the gap from Dubai to Abu Dhabi with ease.

The taxi journey is not just a trip; it’s an escape from the desert heat with the help of air conditioning, an impromptu tour of the UAE’s architectural wonders, and a chance to engage with local taxi drivers who often double as unofficial guides.

Standard Taxis

As you step out of the cool confines of Dubai Airport, a line of standard Abu Dhabi taxi await. They’re not just cars; they’re your first introduction to the emirate’s hospitality.

With the cost of normal taxi services that start at AED 25, they promise a comfortable ride to Abu Dhabi that can feel as swift as the city’s ever-moving sands.

Ride-Hailing Apps

In the age of smartphones, a ride is just a few taps away. Uber and Careem, the tech-savvy cousins of traditional taxi services, offer a range of services that cater to your preferences and cost limitations.

Whether it’s an economical ride or a luxurious jaunt, these apps connect you to a seamless travel experience that begins in the vibrant heart of Dubai city and ends in the cultural embrace of Abu Dhabi.

Bus Services to Help Reach Abu Dhabi from Dubai

For those who prefer to find the cheapest way to travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, the bus service transportation companies offer a wallet-friendly, affordable option without skimping on comfort. These steel steeds of public transport ply the route with the punctuality of a Swiss watch, offering travellers a chance to mingle with locals, citizens of other emirates and fellow journeymen alike at the central bus station.

If you think that it will be hard to find the bus station to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi or from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, there is no need to worry. Busses for this specific destination stop at all the main city points. These points vary based on the bus service line and generally include:

  • Al Ghubaiba bus station;
  • Ibn Battuta bus station (which is close to the Ibn Battuta mall and metro station);
  • Abu Dhabi International Airport;
  • Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station;
  • Dubai airport;
  • Mussafah Shabiya bus station.

To ease the process of paying for the bus trip to Abu Dhabi, you can buy a smart card. These are unique cards to not only help you with buying tickets but there are many other services to help travelers when visiting the city.

Additionally, a free shuttle bus service is available for your convenience. It’s travel that’s as much about the people you meet as the destinations you reach. So, there are plenty options to help you reach Abu Dhabi by bus.

RTA Intercity Buses

The RTA Intercity Buses are not just buses; they’re the lifelines that connect the buzzing streets of Dubai with the stately boulevards of Abu Dhabi.

With multiple departures from Al Ghubaiba and Ibn Battuta bus station, located near the Ibn Battuta metro Station, these Dubai buses cater to early risers and night owls alike:

  • the first bus departures at approximately 4.30 am;
  • the last bus leaves the bus station at around 2 am.

There is a bus for this direction every 30 minutes. So you can be sure that no matter your schedule, Abu Dhabi is just a comfortable ride away, and the only thing that you need is a one-way ticket.

Airport Shuttle Buses

For the airborne traveller, airport shuttles serve as a vital link between the skies and the road. Operated by the likes of Etihad Airways and Emirates, these complimentary bus services are more than just a ride.

They’re a seamless transition from air travel to ground transport, delivering you from the bustling terminals of Dubai International Airport, also known as Dubai Airport, to the heart of Abu Dhabi, with bus stops at Abu Dhabi Airport.

United Arab Emirates Car Rental Services

Car-RentalThere’s a certain allure to the open road as well as a habit of driving your own car, and with a rental one at your disposal, that allure becomes a reality. Car rentals offer not just mobility but the freedom to:

  • Craft your own itinerary and explore the united arab emirates from your unique perspective and create unforgettable memories;
  • Stop where you wish during your travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi without constantly checking when the bus leaves;
  • Explore at leisure and try all the cultural aspects you are interested in, like Arabic coffee;
  • Discover the hidden gems on your road to Abu Dhabi from Dubai;
  • Choosing City Roads, like Sheikh Zayed Road, to both avoid traffic and take a look at the famous places, including Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.

Popular Car Rental Companies

The UAE’s vehicle rental landscape is dotted with names that promise reliability and service. Companies like Avis and Hertz beckon with keys to a fleet of vehicles that range from the modest to the magnificent.

They’re not just cars; they’re your ticket to an adventure from Dubai to Abu Dhabi that’s as unrestricted as the desert horizon.

Self-Drive Tips

Taking the wheel yourself is an exhilarating experience, with highways like E10 and E11 serving as your canvas. But it’s not just about the destination; it’s about the journey.

With a little planning and knowledge of the route, your drive can be as smooth as the glistening surface of the Burj Khalifa.

Luxury and Alternative Transport Options

For those who seek the extraordinary, no traffic, the skies and private lounges of the UAE offer transport options that transcend the conventional. These aren’t just modes of travel – they’re experiences that elevate your journey times to a work of art, with luxury at your fingertips and the UAE’s splendour unfolding beneath you.

Helicopter Transfers

The whir of a helicopter’s blades is the prelude to direct flights that’s as breathtaking as the views it offers. Taking off from Dubai, the city’s iconic landmarks become a tapestry below, leading you to the opulence of Abu Dhabi in less time than it takes for a desert rose to bloom.

Private Transfers

A private transfer is more than just a car ride; it’s a personalised travel tailored to your desires. Whether it’s a luxury sedan or a spacious minibus, companies like elevate your travel from a mere transfer to an experience that caters to your every whim.

Future Transportation Projects

The future of travel between Dubai and Abu Dhabi is not just about the here and now but about the visions that will propel us into tomorrow. Projects like the Etihad Rail and the Hyperloop promise to shrink distances and expand possibilities, offering a glimpse into a future where travel is faster, cleaner, and more connected than ever before.

Etihad Rail Project

The Etihad Rail Project is not just a train service – it’s a testament to the UAE’s commitment to innovation and connectivity. With plans to link cities across the nation, this project is set to transform the way people move, work, and live.

Hyperloop Train

The Hyperloop is not just a train but a revolution on rails. With the promise of vacuum-powered speeds, the trip between Dubai and Abu Dhabi could become a blur of landscape, a ride that’s as swift as the falcon’s flight.

Tourist Attractions Along the Route

Illustration of tourist attractions along the route from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

The road from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is not just a commuter’s path. For people from around the world, it’s a trail of cultural treasures where architectural marvels and world-class attractions await discovery. These aren’t just stops along the way; they’re destinations that entice and excite.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is so much more than a place of worship. This masterpiece of Islamic architecture that beckons with its grandeur and serenity is known worldwide. This is where spirituality meets splendour, and a visit to this emirates palace promises to be a highlight of any trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

The New Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi

The Louvre Abu Dhabi is more than a museum. For artists and connoisseurs of beauty, it is a bridge between cultures and a beacon of art and history. As you trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, it’s a cultural pitstop that offers a world of discovery under its star-studded dome.

Ferrari World

This is an adrenaline-fueled oasis where speed meets spectacle and not just a theme park. Home to the fastest roller coaster on the planet, it’s a place where you can experience the thrill of the race and the charm of Italian engineering, all in the heart of Abu Dhabi.


Our journey from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, much like the route itself, has been a tapestry of options, each with its own character and charm. From the practicality of buses to the luxury of helicopter rides, the trip is a microcosm of the UAE’s diversity and its promise of choice and excellence. Whichever mode you choose, the trip promises to be as memorable as the destination itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

The fastest way to travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is by helicopter, which takes approximately 40 to 50 minutes, depending on weather conditions.

Can I use public transport to travel between the two cities?

Yes, you can use three bus services, E100, E101, and E102, to travel between Dubai and Abu Dhabi affordably.

Are there luxury travel options available for this route?

Yes, luxury travel options such as helicopter transfers and private car services are available for a more luxurious journey on this route.

How do I rent a car for the trip?

You can rent a car from popular companies such as Avis, Sixt, or Hertz, which offer a variety of vehicles for daily, weekly, or monthly hire.

What tourist attractions can I visit along the way?

You can visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Louvre Abu Dhabi, and Ferrari World for unique and enriching experiences along the way.

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