The UAE Shortens Friday Prayers As Weather Crosses 50°C

The UAE Shortens Friday Prayers As Weather Crosses 50°C

Absolutely! Dubai’s summer temperatures can be incredibly intense, so shortening Friday prayers makes a lot of sense for everyone’s well-being. It’s important to prioritize safety and comfort in such extreme heat. Staying cool and hydrated is key.

Starting tomorrow until October, sermons will be just 10 minutes…


With temperatures soaring above 50°C, UAE authorities have mandated that Friday sermons be limited to just 10 minutes starting from June 28 until October. This measure is intended to safeguard worshippers from the extreme heat during the summer months. It demonstrates a proactive effort by the authorities to prioritize the health and well-being of the community during this challenging weather period.

By making these adjustments, they aim to safeguard both physical health and spiritual well-being

The authority underscored that facilitation and ease are fundamental principles in Islam, with a strong emphasis on safeguarding life and health. This decision is in alignment with the UAE’s approach and wise leadership, which consistently implements legislation and policies aimed at ensuring the welfare of its citizens. This proactive stance reflects a commitment to promoting a safe and supportive environment for all residents, especially during challenging circumstances such as extreme weather conditions.

Furthermore, the authority reaffirmed its commitment to creating a comfortable environment for worshippers, allowing them to perform their prayers with spiritual devotion and tranquility. These measures not only reflect a proactive stance towards public health but also uphold the values of consideration and care within the Islamic framework.

In other words…

On Fridays, it’s typical to witness large congregations of worshippers praying outside mosques across various regions of the country. As mosques tend to fill up rapidly, many individuals end up praying outdoors. The decision to limit sermons to 10 minutes during this period aims to shield worshippers from the extreme heat, which is in line with Islamic teachings emphasizing the protection of community health. This measure not only prioritizes the well-being of worshippers but also ensures that religious practices can be observed safely and comfortably amid challenging weather conditions.

It’s interesting to note that Saudi Arabia has also implemented a similar policy recently. They have shortened Friday sermons and prayers at the Two Holy Mosques to 15 minutes for the duration of the summer, mirroring the UAE’s approach to mitigate the effects of extreme heat on worshippers. This coordinated effort reflects a shared commitment among Muslim-majority countries to prioritize the health and well-being of their communities while ensuring the continuity of religious practices.

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